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The Vignerons & Terroirs de Lantignié (VTL) association brings together winegrowers who are attached to their terroir and who place the values of ecology and mutual aid at the heart of their practices.
Together, they are exploring a different way of producing wine and growing vines.
They are actively working to create an AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) based on these values, by having Lantignié recognised as a Cru du Beaujolais.

Producing with respect for the living world

The winegrowers who are members of the Vignerons et Terroirs de Lantignié association share a common vision of winegrowing, based on respect for the living world in all its dimensions. Taking care of the living world means preserving and restoring the soil, promoting biodiversity, cushioning the effects of global warming, helping the vines to flourish, encouraging traditional winemaking methods, creating healthy and dignified living and working conditions for producers…
Today, the ecological values shared by VTL members can be applied in a variety of ways: organic farming, biodynamics, natural wines, etc. In order to respect individual sensitivities and harmonise practices, the ecological commitments of the association’s members are set out in rigorous common specifications, which constitute a moral obligation chosen and accepted by all.
They don’t all follow the same path, but together they are committed to the development of conscious, sustainable agriculture, using common sense to cultivate their land.

Find out more about our viticulture and winemaking practices and about our commitments…

An attachment to a unique terroir

Nestling between Beaujeu and Régnié-Durette, the Lantignié vineyards cover a wide range of natural conditions: soils, exposure, altitude, age of vines, etc.

The uniqueness of the Lantignié terroir is linked to two factors. Firstly, the altitude of the village, with some plots approaching 500 metres. But also the coexistence of two geological formations typical of the region: granite and diorite or “blue stones”. The greatest wine-growing terroirs in the Beaujolais are associated with one or other of these geological formations; they coexist and intermingle at Lantignié, contributing to its distinctive character.

Attached to this unique Beaujolais terroir and convinced of the quality of the grapes that grow there, some ftwenty men and women have come together to form Vignerons & Terroirs de Lantignié, with the aim of making it better known and recognised.

Find out more about the specific characteristics of the Lantignié terroir.

« Alone we go faster, together we go further »

Winegrowing is often a solitary adventure, with many choices and investments to be made and uncertainties that can be complicated to deal with alone, especially when you’re just starting out in the profession.

Vignerons & Terroirs de Lantignié is made up of about twenty men and women, many of whom have recently set up in business. The projects that bring them together are also an opportunity to exchange practices and information, as well as to help each other by supporting other members or lending them equipment, for example… More than the projects themselves, it is this collective dynamic that binds the winegrowers together.
On the strength of this solidarity and their attachment to their terroir, the members of VTL are developing sustainable, “conscious” winegrowing and promoting their protected designation of origin: Beaujolais Lantignié.


Wines in harmony with nature

By joining the Vignerons & Terroirs de Lantignié association, members undertake to comply with strict, demanding specifications.

The spirit of the charter is a genuine ecological and human commitment to the region; each member estate affirms its desire to develop sustainable viticulture based on these values.

How can you recognize a wine produced by a member of the VTL association?


VTL wines come with a number of guarantees to ensure that consumers get quality products that are free from synthetic pesticides.

“Beaujolais Lantignié”

Although the “Beaujolais Lantignié” label has existed since 1950, it has not been used by the vast majority of the village’s winegrowers. With their approach centred on promoting the terroir, the members of the association have put the label back on the map and have played a major role in raising awareness of it.

Next step: Cru Lantignié

The “Vignerons & Terroirs de Lantignié” association is actively working on submitting an application to the INAO (Institut national de l’origine et de la qualité) for recognition as a Cru du Beaujolais. This would validate the singular nature of Lantignié’s wines, viticultural practices and terroir. On the strength of VTL’s ecological commitments, which would of course be included in the specifications, Lantignié would be among the first to ban synthetic pesticides from its production conditions.

100% pesticide-free wines

Every bottle produced by the members of the “Vignerons & Terroirs de Lantignié” association is guaranteed to be free from synthetic pesticides. Some estates have the AB label, while others are inspected every year by a family-run, official and neutral certification body: Alpes Contrôle.

Whatever the certification method chosen by VTL’s winegrowers, the wine lover can be sure of having in his glass a wine produced with full respect for the environment.

A collective brand

The VTL winegrowers have already adopted a set of specifications based on those of the Beaujolais crus, with the addition of strict ecological commitments. These wines are easily recognisable thanks to their collective brand, “Vignerons & Terroirs de Lantignié”, which appears on the bottles of VTL members.

The “Vignerons & Terroirs de Lantignié” brand is a collective property guaranteeing the commitment of each winegrower to the values and specifications of VTL.

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