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Discover the men and women of the Vignerons & Terroirs de Lantignié association, their philosophy, their commitment, and the range of appellations they produce.

Domaine Pertuizet

Anaïs Pertuizet

Pure energy

Anaïs has only recently joined the association, but her determination and drive have sent shockwaves through the tight-knit group at Vignerons et Terroirs de Lantignié. Tireless and structured, she brings boundless energy to take the process even further.

She won’t be making her first vintage until 2021, but she already knows what she wants to do with her 2.4 hectare estate. “I plan to run my vineyard biodynamically using a horse and a winch in narrow, steep rows; it’s in line with my philosophy,” explains the young winemaker.

In the cellar, she plans to make her wine according to how she feels about each vintage, drawing on the expertise gained from her many years of experience (Domaine Cordier at Fuissé in Burgundy, Domaine Serene in Oregon, Bodega Chacra in Argentina, etc.).

Reflecting the terroirs of Lantignié and her personality, in her winemaking she seeks fantasy in the pink granites and purity and charisma in the blue stones. There’s no doubt that, with her strong character and benevolence, she’ll succeed.



Involvement in the Vignerons et Terroirs de Lantignié association.


Official start-up on 1 May, and first harvest.



The estate team

No employees.


2,4 hectares

Domaine Pertuizet

Impasse du Pigeonnier
69430 Lantignié